Associative by Entities
KeyCreator \ Create \ Plane \ Associative-by-Entities

Location: Create>Planes>Assoc. Entities

Use the Associative by Entities function to create a plane by selected entities that is associative to those entities. As the entities off of which the plane was created are re-located or modified, the plane will update accordingly. It will be important to understand this relationship before such entities are edited.


Using the Function:

  1. Select Assoc. Entities from the Create>Planes submenu.

  2. Select an entity. If a 2D entity such as an arc or conic is selected, the plane is created based on that entity. If the first entity is a line, another entity must be selected. If the first entity is a plane or vector, select another entity or ACCEPT to skip.

  3. Select an additional entity. If points are selected, you are asked to select a third point entity. The plane will be created by the entities you selected.