KeyCreator \ Modify \ Boolean \ Unite

Location: Modify>Boolean>Unite

Use this option to collect bodies into one body. The bodies do not have to intersect. Disjoint bodies will not be relocated to intersect. Instead, they will remain disjoint in the single body. (The Combine Disjoint Bodies function is a faster way of uniting disjoint bodies.) You can select solids in part references as tool solids. In all such cases, the tool solid (which is a solid in a part reference) is never destroyed.

NOTE: The united body is recognized as a single entity. See also Trim/Split a Solid to Another Solid.

Using the Function:

  1. Select Unite from the Modify>Boolean submenu.

  2. Select the first solid to be united.

  3. Select the second solid to be united, and select any additional bodies you intend to union. The faces of the bodies will be trimmed back from any intersections. If you have changed the color of any faces on the bodies, the ’new’ united body will reset to the attributes (color, display, etc.) from when the solid bodies were originally created. For example, if you created two solid bodies in green but then changed some of the faces to red, when you boolean unite the two solids together, the new solid body will be green.

  4. The selected bodies are unioned to form one new body.