KeyCreator \ Modify \ Boolean \ Subtract

Location: Modify>Boolean>Subtract

Use the Subtract function to subtract one body (called the tool body) from another. If the tool body does not intersect the body to be subtracted from, there is no effect on the body. However, the tool body is deleted in either case. You can select solids in part references as tool solids. In all such cases, the tool solid (which is a solid in a part reference) is never destroyed.


Using the Function:

  1. Select Subtract from the Modify>Boolean submenu.

  2. Select the solid from which the body(s) you select will be subtracted.

  3. Select the solid(s) you intend to subtract from the previously selected body. All tool bodies will be deleted. The volume of intersection of the tool bodies will be removed from the first body and new faces will be created in it.