KeyCreator \ Modify \ Boolean \ Intersect

Location: Modify>Boolean>Intersect

Use this function to intersect one body with another. The new resulting body represents the volume shared by the two bodies. The faces of the new body will be trimmed back to the intersection. If the bodies shared a volume, a new body will be created which represents the intersection. The new body will have the attributes (color, display, etc.) of the first body. If you desire, you can continue to select second bodies for intersection. You can select solids in part references as tool solids. In all such cases, the tool solid (which is a solid in a part reference) is never destroyed.


Using the Function:

  1. Click Modify>Boolean>Intersect.

  2. Select the first solid to intersect.

  3. Select the additional solid(s) to intersect with the first. The selected tools are consecutively intersected with each blank. If at any point an intersection cannot be found, no further attempts will be made to intersect the remaining tools. The non-intersected tools are not deleted, and will remain in the database.