KeyCreator \ Modify \ Boolean \ Combine

Location: Modify>Boolean>Combine

Use this function to combine multiple bodies into a single body. The bodies may be physically disjointed and no attempt is made to intersect the faces and resolve the bodies into one closed manifold solid. Because the individual bodies are not resolved into a single closed manifold solid, this function should not be viewed as interchangeable with Boolean Union.

This function is most useful for combining physically separate bodies into one solid for the purposes of selection. For example, you may wish to combine several pieces of an assembly that do not intersect and use the Mass Properties function to find the aggregate mass properties for the entire unit. Another example would be combining physically separate bodies so they can then be selected as a unit and trimmed to a single plane.


Using the Function:

  1. Select Combine from the Modify>Boolean submenu.

  2. The Combine Disjoint Bodies Warning dialog is displayed, asking whether you intend to use this function instead of the Boolean>Unite.

  3. Using the Universal Selection Menu, select the disjoint bodies to combine (unite). Select ACCEPT when done.