Subtract with Keep
KeyCreator \ Modify \ Boolean \ Subtract-with-Keep

Location: Modify>Boolean>Subtract (Keep)

This function works exactly the same as the Boolean Unite operation except that all material normally removed during the operation is retained in the result. When a Boolean operation is completed, you will be left with the original bodies as well as the result of the operation.

The tool solids are subtracted from the blank solids, and each tool is consecutively subtracted from every blank in the list. You can select solids in part references as tool solids. In all such cases, the tool solid (which is a solid in a part reference) is never destroyed.


Using the Function:

  1. Select Subtract (Keep) from the Modify>Boolean submenu.

  2. Select whether to keep TOOLS, BLANKS, or BOTH from the Conversation Bar options.

  • TOOLS – Select one or more solid as the Tool solid.

  • BLANKS – Select one or more solid as the Blanks solid.

  • BOTH – Select both Tool and Blank solids.

  1. The selected bodies are subtracted, and the original bodies that you choose to retain remain.