KeyCreator \ Modify \ Warp \ Bend \ Bend

Location: Modify>Warp>Bend

The Bend function allows you to bend solids, sheets and wires in a prescribed manner. Bending will also allow you to bend specific areas of a solid body. For example, the middle prong of a fork could be bent while the adjacent prongs remain untouched.


Using the Function:

The required steps might change depending upon what settings are chosen in the dialog box for the function.

  1. Select Bend from the Modify>Warp submenu.

  2. The Bend dialog box appears, from which you are able to specify parameters, methods, and options for the bend to be performed. Once you have configured this dialog to your specifications, select OK to accept any changes that had been made.

  3. Indicate the upper or lower planar face of the plate (if Thin Plate was selected).

  4. Select the bend axis vector.

  5. Select the bend direction vector.

  6. Select the vector indicating what side of the material to bend.

  7. Indicate the position(s) to be bent.

  8. The bend is performed per your specifications.

NOTE: The bend axis vector must ALWAYS be chosen such that it lies on the neutral axis of the solid to be bent. For example, if bending a cylinder the neutral axis must be in the middle or centerline of the cylinder. If bending sheet metal, the bend axis vector should be in the middle of the sheet metal, not on the top or bottom faces. Some examples to better explain this concept follow.