Extend Surface
KeyCreator \ Modify \ Surface \ Extend-Surface

Location: Modify>Surface>Extend

The Extend Surface function adds a row of patches along the selected boundary of the surface.

Using the Function:

  1. Select Extend from the Modify>Surface submenu.

  2. The Extend Surface dialog appears (see above). Configure the dialog settings as necessary.

  3. Select the face to extend.

  4. Select the vector to indicate the surface edge you wish to extend.

  5. Increase or decrease the surface extension using the button options that appear on the Conversation Bar.

Dialog Options:


Default checked on which allows the use of a DynaHandle to perform the Modify operation.

Extension Option
  • Percentage - This number represents the percentage of the overall surface length to which you wish to extend the surface. In other words, 10% will extend the surface by 10% of the overall surface length. If length is 100, extended surface will be 110.

  • Dimension - This number represents the dimension of the length, in part units, to which you wish to extend the surface.

Extension Method
  • Linear - Follow the last tangent vector off the surface in a straight line at the boundary.

  • Natural - Use the cubic rate of curvature along the surface boundary to produce a continuously curving extension.