KeyCreator \ Modify \ Vector \ Scale

Location: Modify>Vector>Display Scale

Use this option to change the display scale factor for vectors. On a large model, a unit vector may be difficult to see. The scale factor may be set to display the vectors at n* (the current unit of measurement).

This function saves the value entered as the new default for all vectors. (You can also change this default scale in the Tolerance tab of the "Solids Configuration" dialog box). Once you have set the new display scale, you can select vectors to rescale using the entity Selection Menu.

Using the Function:

  1. Select Scale from the Modify>Vector submenu.

  2. Enter a new vector scale.

  3. Select the vector(s) you want to rescale, and select ACCEPT. The vector(s) that you selected are rescaled per the new scale factor that you had indicated.