Solidify Wireframe
KeyCreator \ Tools \ Extract \ Solidify-Wireframe

Location: Tools>Solidify Wireframe

Use this function to convert existing wireframe geometry into solid objects.  This option will convert any wireframe geometry you select and transform it into a solid object (or multiple objects).

  • You can create masks in the Solidify page of the ”Set Configuration Options” dialog box accessible from Tools>Options to control how wireframe objects are converted to solids.  By default, only the Level mask is active, but you can also choose to mask on any combination of Color, Pen, Group and/or Subgroup.  With level masking on, for example, wireframe entities will be converted to separate solid objects based on the level(s) on which they reside.

  • You can also specify the level(s) on which the new solid(s) will be placed through the Solidify page.

  • When using splines it is better to Extrude, Revolve, or Sweep profiles to create a solid than to XForm a profile and then run Solidify.  For example, if you XForm a profile containing splines into a closed wireframe suitable for Picture It and then Solidify, the resulting solid may not be correct. The problem is that Solidify does not have enough information about the profile and creates curves in both the U and V directions (rather than straight up).  Using Create, Extrude to create the solid takes care of this problem (and saves you a step, besides). 

  • Wireframe geometry must be precise and organized logically by levels and color. If the wireframe geometry is not precise or is missing information, Solidify will create surfaces where possible.

Using the Function:

  1. Select Solidify Wireframe from the Tools Menu.

  2. Choose the option or entity using the options on the Conversation bar. KeyCreator will attempt to solidify the selected entities, and a Solidify meter will appear in the bottom of the viewport to display the status of the activity.

  3. Click ACCEPT to accept the result, or BACKUP to try again.