Flat Pattern
KeyCreator \ Tools \ Extract \ Flat-Pattern

Tools>Extract>Flat Pattern

Use this function to extract a curved surface into a flat pattern. First, a periodic face is split into two or more faces. The split faces are then unwrapped into a flat pattern. NOTE: This function will only extract the surface. It will not allow you to re-fold (wrap) the unfolded faces.

Using the Function:

1      Select Flat Pattern from the Tools>Extract submenu.

2      Enter a value for the chord height tolerance. By default, the value is set to 0.001. Note that entering too small of a number could result in too many points to fit the curve.

3      Select the face to unwrap, using the Selection Menu.

4      Select the curves/points on the surface to be unwrapped.


Once created, you can control the ultimate placement of the flat pattern using both the DynaHandle (see example below), or by selecting the Position or Angle buttons in the Conversation bar and using the Universal Selection Menu to define the location.   

>DynaHandle for click-drag movement/rotation of unwrapped pattern.