Repair Non-Manifold Body
KeyCreator \ Tools \ Maintenance \ Repair-Non-Manifold-Body

Location: Tools>Maintenance>Repair Non-Manifold

Use the Repair Non-Manifold Body function to repair solid bodies that verify as being non-manifold. This function determines if a body is non-manifold, and if it is it then breaks the body into two or more bodies. The resulting bodies are each manifold. The breaks occur along the edges that were non-manifold.

<p class="Note" "=""> NOTE: Manifold geometry is physically realizable. A cube, for example, is manifold, since you can physically create it. Two cubes sharing exactly one edge are considered non-manifold, since they are not physically realizable. Generally speaking, a manifold body will never have more than two faces meeting at an edge. Non-manifold situations can sometimes occur from Boolean operations.

Using the Function:

  1. Select Repair Non-Manifold from the Tools>Maintenance submenu.

  2. Select the non-manifold body to be unstitched. If the body you select is manifold, you will be warned that such is the case. If the body is non-manifold, it will be split (unstitched) into two manifold bodies.