Rebuild Wires
KeyCreator \ Tools \ Maintenance \ Rebuild-Wires

Tools>Maintenance>Rebuild Wires

The Rebuild Wires function can be used to traverse a solid model and recreate all of the edges and seam lines using entities.

The most common use for this function is if you have changed the settings for U and V lines.  Selecting Rebuild Wires will update the spheres, torii, and cylinders in your drawings to reflect the new settings.

  • When working with solid models, it is possible for the reference wireframe geometry to become corrupted. The Rebuild Wire Display option repairs problems with the edge wires on the solid model.

  • Use of the Rebuild Wires command will delete then recreate all wireframe geometry, thus any dimensions tagged to the original wireframe will become disassociated.

Using the Function:

  1. Select Rebuild Wires from the Tools>Maintenance submenu.

  2. Select the rebuild option from the menu options that appear in the Conversation Bar.