Tolerize Body
KeyCreator \ Tools \ Maintenance \ Tolerize-Body

Location: Tools>Maintenance>Tolerize Body

Tolerizing is a form of topology healing wherein the underlying geometry is not changed (unlike the healer), and gaps between surfaces are closed by making certain edges tolerant of the gaps.  Local tolerances are attached to edges and vertices that exhibit gaps larger than the coincident distance.  A body which has been tolerized (made tolerant of gaps) can then be used in normal solid modeling Boolean operations*HIDS_MODIFY_BOOLEAN that would normally expect precise model.  Imported geometry from other non-ACIS based modelers will often require Tolerizing in order for Boolean operations to succeed.

This function can be used to generate tolerant edges or vertices in a set of bodies that may require some form of tolerizing due to either gaps between surface edges, or vertices that do not lie sufficiently on a surface. 

Using the Function:

  1. Select Tolerize Body from the Tools>Maintenance submenu.

  2. Select the body(s) to tolerize.

  3. The Verify dialog appears, displaying the tolerize results. Click NEXT to view the results of other bodies if multiple bodies were selected.