Mass Properties
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Use this function to analyze the mass (inertial) properties of the solid objects in your drawing. Each solid object in your drawing has its own mass properties. The Mass Properties dialog box contains unique property data for each solid that you select to verify using this function.

Mass Properties Analysis simultaneously references two coordinate systems, which are used to calculate two independent sets of results:

  • Origin is a three-dimensional, coordinate system whose default reference is
    x = y = z = 0. This is indicated in the Mass Properties dialog box. The origin is a user-defined field.

  • Center of Gravity is a three-dimensional coordinate system whose reference is the geometric center of the object(s). This is indicated by Center of Gravity on the Mass Properties dialog box.

  • Density always defaults to 1. You can overtype this number and press [Tab] to recompute all fields based on a new density value.

  • If you wish to create a point entity at the center of gravity, click the Model CG button. To create lines that model the principal axes, click the Model Princ Axes button. These entities do not become part of the body, and can be deleted without deleting the body.

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