Curve to Surface
KeyCreator \ Verify \ Deviation \ Curve-to-Surface

Location: Tools>Verify>Deviations>Curve to Surface

This function will measure for maximum deviation from any curve entity to a surface to verify congruency or constant offset value.

Using the Function:

  1. Select Curve to Surface from the Verify>Deviations submenu. The Curve to Surface Deviations dialog box appears.

    • Number of test points - along the specified boundary.

    • Position tolerance - The minimum positional deviation tolerance for which points will be displayed

    • Normal angle tolerance - The minimum angular deviation tolerance for which vectors will be displayed.

  2. Either accept the preset default values or select the parameter you wish to change. Adjust the values as needed.

  3. When all values are satisfactory, click OK to initiate the evaluation.

  4. Select a face.

  5. Select the curve.

  6. The Data Verify dialog appears, displaying data specific to the entities you selected. Contained in this dialog is the calculator feature. A specified number of points will be distributed along the specified curve.

    • Each point will be evaluated for its minimum distance to the specified surface.  Also, a vector that is tangent to the curve at each point will be checked for tangency to the adjacent surface.

    • If any points exceed a specified deviation, tolerance threshold or if any tangents exceed a specified angular tolerance threshold, this data will be reported back to the user as permanent entities displayed on the screen.

  7. Review the Data Verify information, and select NEXT to select additional geometry to verify. When you have finished verifying, click CLOSE.