Points to Surface
KeyCreator \ Verify \ Deviation \ Points-to-Surface

Location: Tools>Verify>Deviations>Points to Surface

This function can be used to measure the distances from a series of points to a sur­face that you indicate. 

Using the Function:

1      Select Points to Surface from the Verify>Deviations submenu.

2      Select a face to measure against followed by a series of points. 

3      Select a series of point entities using one of the standard Selection Menu options.  Each point will be evaluated for its minimum distance to the specified surface and each distance will be reported back individually.

4      When com­plete, the system will begin to evaluate all of the points and their distances to the surface. When the evaluation is complete, each distance value will be displayed, one at a time in the Conversation Bar and draw a line entity along the minimum distance path.