Main Core Cavity
KeyCreator \ Tools \ Core-Cavity-Split \ Main-Core-Cavity

Location: Tools>Core/Cavity Split>Main Core Cavity

Use this function to display the Core Cavity Split dialog, through which you are able to specify the parameters for the split.

Using the Function:

  1. Select Main Core Cavity from the Tools>Core/Cavity Split submenu.

  2. Select the body(s) to split, and click on ACCEPT.

  3. The Core/Cavity Split dialog appears (see above). Configure the available dialog settings, and click OK.

  4. The selected bodies are first turned into two-sided sheet bodies, and are then added to a group and separated into three subgroups, consisting of the bodies that can be pulled up, the bodies that can be pulled down, and the bodies that cannot be either pulled up or down. These three groups are known as the core, cavity, and ambiguous groups.

Dialog Options:

Mold Separation Direction
  • Normal to Construction Plane – When selected, the mold separation direction will be normal to the current construction plane.

  • Specify Direction Vector – When selected, you will be prompted to specify a direction vector.

Levels and Colors

Specify a name and color attribute for each group: Core, Cavity and Ambiguous.

Advanced Options
  • Separation Amount – Specify a value for the separation amount. This is the distance by which the core and cavity are separated.

  • Angle Tolerance – Specify a value for the angle tolerance. This setting is used to force faces that are nearly vertical into the ambiguous group so that they may be manually considered.

  • Imprint Silhouettes – When selected, a mold will be made of a sphere or torus by splitting the body along its silhouettes. 


Above > Examples of a part before and after it was split.  The third picture is the same part split with the ”r;Imprint Silhouettes” options on.  Note that the blind hole has a vertical cylindrical face, although the core cavity code was able to automatically determine that is part of the cavity because of its adjacency to other cavity faces.