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Gear teeth are created as spline entities approximating true involutes. Select Gear from the Tools>Mechanical Elements submenu. The "Gears" dialog box will appear. Enter the information about the gear in this dialog box. Your selections will be displayed in the Preview window.

Dialog Options:


Select the type of gear to draw, Spur or Internal.


Enter the gear Dimensions. The choices are:

  • Pressure Angle - Enter the tooth pressure angle. The default is 14.5.

  • Diametral Pitch, Pitch Diameter, or Module - This choice is dependent on the setting selected in the Pitch Method section of this dialog box (see below).

  • Number Teeth - Enter the number of teeth for the gear.

  • Thickness - Enter the overall thickness for the gear.

  • Bore Diameter - Enter a diameter for the bore portion of the gear.

  • Helix Angle - Helical gears have teeth that are not parallel to the axis of rotation. To draw a helical gear, enter the helix angle in this text input field.

    If a helix angle is specified, the Right Helix checkbox can be enabled to reverse the angle (in relation to the axis of rotation).

  • Diameter – Enter a diameter for the gear.

  • Thickness ( -Z) – The thickness of the center hub portion of the gear, extending in the current –Z place direction (i.e. the bottom of the hub).

  • Thickness ( +Z) – The thickness of the center hub portion of the gear, extending in the current + Z place direction (i.e. the top of the hub).

  • Draw with Reduced Number of Teeth – When selected, you can specify how many teeth will be included with the gear when it is drawn, as well as the starting angle.

Drawing Specifications
  • Teeth to Draw - Enter the number of teeth to draw.

  • Starting Angle - Enter the angle at which to begin drawing the teeth.

  • Draw Pitch Circle - Enable this checkbox if you would like to have the Pitch Circle included in your gear drawing.

  • Choose a Pitch Method option. This determines the method by which you will set the size of the gear in the "Gear" dialog box. The options are:

  • Diametral Pitch - The diametral pitch is calculated as the number of teeth divided by the pitch diameter [Number of Teeth / Pitch Diameter].

  • Pitch Diameter - Click on this radio button to set the size of the gear by selecting the diameter of the pitch circle.

  • Module - Click on this radio button to calculate the gear size as the pitch diameter divided by the number of teeth. (This is the inverse of the Diametral Pitch method.)


Choose a Representation for the gear. The choices are Top, Wire 3D, and Solid.


Above > 2D and 3D Gears

NOTE: If you attempt to create invalid geometry, you will receive an error message and the previous (valid) dimensions will be displayed.