Distant Light
KeyCreator \ Create \ Light \ Distant-Light

Location: Create>Lights>Distant Light

Distant lights do not have a position in space from which they radiate light. The direction of a distant light is indicated with two points. The first point is displaced just like other lights as an asterisk in the entities color with a circle in the color that the light casts. In addition to the first points asterisk there is a line segment from this point to the second defining point, or target point. The light shines everywhere along the given line. Because a distant light’s position is irrelevant, moving it will not change the lighting of a model.

The length of the line is not a factor in the strength or dispersion of the light; it is simply a line segment to indicate the direction of the light, and is drawn between the two given points that were used to define the light. The direction of the light goes from the marked to the unmarked end.

Above > Example of a Distant Light Above Five Spheres

Using the Function:

  1. Select Distant Light from the Create>Lights submenu. The Color dialog appears.

  1. Specify the settings contained in the Color dialog, and select the OK button option when finished. A cylinder-like indicator now appears on the mouse pointer.

  2. Select the light location using the Position Menu button options.

  3. Select the light target.

To move a distant light entity after it is created, see Moving a Light Entity.