Local Light
KeyCreator \ Create \ Light \ Local-Light

Location: Create>Lights>Local Light

Local lights occupy a point in space and cast light in all directions from that position. The light does not attenuate, and is in a given color. The position of a local light is marked with an asterisk with a circle around it. The color of the asterisk is the lights entity color, and the color of the circle is the color of light that is cast from the given position.


Above > Example of a Local Light Above Five Spheres

Using the Function:

  1. Select Local Light from the Create>Lights submenu. The Color dialog appears.

  1. Specify the settings contained in the Color dialog, and select the OK button option when finished. A round light indicator now is on the mouse pointer.

  2. Select the light location using the Position Menu button options.

To move a local light entity after it is created, see Moving a Light Entity.