KeyCreator \ Tools \ Machinist \ Path \ Setup


Location: Tools>Machinist>Path>Setup

Use the Setup feature to specify the default parameters for the machining process. When this feature is selected, a dialog box appears through which you can specify the machining view number, clearance plane definition settings, default offsets, and tolerances. For in-depth coverage of each function within Machinist use the MachinistRefManual  .


Dialog Options:

Machining View Number

This is the current system view defined in KeyCreator. The entered view number will determine the machining orientation. The default view is 1 (top view).

Clearance Plane Definition

The clearance plane is the plane at a Z-depth at which the cutting tool can move freely above the stock. Rapid tool movement occurs here, so it is important to select this distance carefully.

  • Distance Above Part – This setting specifies the distance above the part where the cutting tool moves above the geometry selection. Enter a distance in the field provided.

  • Through a Selected Point – This setting determines the rapid traverse level using a pre-defined point in space.

Default Offsets
  • Wall Stock Semi Finishing – Specify a default setting for the 3D stock amount to remain.

  • Wall Stock Roughing – Specify a default for the 3D stock amount to remain.

  • Plunge Clearance – Specify a height value for the distance above the cutting plane at which the z-Axes will enter feed mode.

  • Chord Height Tolerance – This specified value will determine the maximum deviation from the surface.

Filter Output

When checked, extra points will be removed from straight line moves.