Process Sheet
KeyCreator \ Tools \ Machinist \ Path \ Process-Sheet


Location: Tools>Machinist>Path>Process Sheet

Use this feature to create a job process sheet once your toolpaths have been posted to files. When this feature is selected from the Path submenu, the Job Process Sheet Creation dialog appears, containing information identical to the NC File Program List created when you posted the toolpath. Through this dialog, you are able to display the information for all of the NC files in your project on one sheet. This sheet will display information relative to the location of files, the tools used, and the type of machine process used, among others.

Job Process Sheet Creation Dialog:

Using the drop-down menu beside the Machinist File Name, you can select the files that are available from your current program session. When you select a file, the information appears in the top half of the dialog. To add information to the process sheet, select the ADD TO PROCESS SHEET button option. The information will then appear in the bottom half of the dialog window.

Once you have created your Process Sheet, you can then add additional information to the sheet by selecting the EXTRA INFO button option.