Launch Metacut
KeyCreator \ Tools \ Machinist \ Path \ Launch-Metacut


Location: Tools>Machinist>Path>Launch Metacut


Use this function to launch the MetaCut Utilities (MCU) program. MCU is a NC utilities package that features a G-code editor and verification tool, among other helpful features. MCU is the engine behind the Verify Toolpath function and requires a separate install.


NOTE: The MCU program must be loaded while the Verify Toolpath dialog is displayed in order for the feature to operate. Do not close the MCU program window.

The MCU program works with the Fanuc style, and the Heidenhain, Dynapath, and Anilam NC files, among others.


Other Provided Functionality:

  • Text editing

  • Backplot machining simulation

  • Toolpath verify (3-Axis)

  • Graphical compare

  • Revision control

  • Reverse post to a DXF file

  • DNC send and receive


Help on MCU:

HELP and other information on the MCU (The MetaCut Utilities) program can be accessed through the MCU program window. For more information on the available MCU features, visit For MCU support information, visit