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Location: Tools>Machinist>Rough>Zig-Zag

Using the Zig-Zag feature, the toolpath follows the machining vector until it encounters the geometry model, in which case it moves and returns on the reverse vector using a zigzag machining method.

When this feature is selected from the Tools>Machinist>Rough submenu, the Zigzag Roughing with Ramping dialog appears, containing offset and tolerance settings among others. When you OK this dialog, a second dialog appears. The second dialog contains additional settings, explained below.

Once you OK the second dialog, the toolpath is created per your specifications.


Zig-Zag Roughing with Ramping Dialog:

Since the below dialog is the same for Zigzag and Follow Surface the respective Help Buttons will bring up this topic showing the below dialog.

Toolpath Description

Specify a name or description for the toolpath being created.

  • Part Wall Stock – Specify how much stock to leave in 3D.

  • Check Wall Stock – Specify the distance away from the check geometry the cutting tool will remain.

  • Plunge Clearance – Specify a height above the cutting plane at which the Z-Axes will go into feed mode.

  • Chord Height Tolerance – Specify the maximum deviation from the surface.

Cut Direction
  • Angle – When checked, the software will use the angle specified in the Cutting Angle filed, under Cutting Parameters.

  • Two Points – When checked, you will be prompted to indicate two points to determine the direction of the cut.

Cutting Parameters
  • Stepover – Specify a stepover value to be used.

  • Cutting Angle – Specify a cutting angle to be used when Angle is checked under Cut Direction.

Step Direction
  • Left – When checked, the step will be directed left (looking in the direction of the cutting angle).

  • Right – When checked, the step will be directed right (looking in the direction of the cutting angle).

Current Tool and Machine View

Verify that the machining view, tool diameter, and corner radius are correct.


2ND Zig-Zag Roughing and Ramping Dialog