Round Rough
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<p class="Body-Text> A special function used to generate circular roughing motion tool paths & output for 360° revolved geometry. These circular pocket like motions take place at each Roughing -Z step. The geometry used for this path must have no protrusions. A profile defining tool path (such as Finish>Planar) must first be set and the tool used should be the same one that will be used in the Round Rough tool path.

Using this Function

Below are general steps to complete a Round Rough profile. For greater details on any of the steps refer to the MachinistRefManual.pdf . The same general steps can be found in the Round Finish topic in the manual.

  1. Generate the profile tool path to be used by the Round Rough tool path.

  2. Choose Tools>Machinist>Rough>Round Rough. A conversation bar prompts for the tool path to sweep, select the profile path created in step 1.

  3. The conversation bar prompts for the pivot point of the profile. Since the motion for the path will be inner to outer select the inner end of the profile path.

  4. The Round Rough Dialog appears, set as needed and press OK.

  5. You should now see the circular Round Rough pattern for the tool path created in display.

Rough Round Dialog

Tool Path Description

Enter a descriptive name (optional.) Useful for identifying tool path later in the process. Do not use numeric values in the beginning entry for description name.

Entry Method

Plunge Clearance- The height above the cutting plane where the z-axes will go into feed made.

Ramping Angle- Specify a value for the ramping angle. This is used for XYZ moves to the Z level to be machined.

Step Down Values

Step Down Amount- The step down will be created using a delta value for Z steps.

Number of Slices- Divides the distance to be machined in Z by the number of slices.

Step in XY

Percent of Tool Diameter- Step movement in X/Y will be based on a percentage value of the tools diameter.

Current Tool and Machine View

Verify that the machining view, tool diameter, and corner radius are correct.