Plateau Mill
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Location: Tools>Machinist>Finish>Plateau Mill

Using the Plateau Milling method, the cutting tool follows the contour of the part staying at a constant Z-level while machining. This method is designed for parts with a large number of vertical or near vertical surfaces. Plateau milling can be set to machine logical zones of the job independently, or set to cut one specific Z-level throughout the job before ramping down to the next specified Z-level.

When you select this function, the Plateau Milling (Constant Z) dialog appears shown below, containing offset and tolerancing settings, among others. When you click the OK button, a second dialog appears. Configure the available settings and click OK. The toolpath is created according to your specifications.


Plateau Milling (Constant Z) Dialog Options:

Toolpath Description

Specify a name or description for the toolpath being created.

  • Part Wall Stock – Specify how much stock to leave in 3D.

  • Check Wall Stock – Specify the distance away from the check geometry the cutting tool will remain.

  • Plunge Clearance – Specify a height above the cutting plane at which the Z-Axes will go into feed mode.

  • Chord Height Tolerance – Specify the maximum deviation from the surface.

Smoothness Factor
  • Tool_Dia / Pt_Dist – Specify a smoothness factor. This assumes an optimum number of points for smooth machining. Increasing the number will create more points in the tool path. Decreasing the number will do the opposite.

Current Tool and Machine View

Verify that the machining view, tool diameter, and corner radius are correct.

2ND Plateau Milling (Constant Z) Dialog