Face Mill
KeyCreator \ Tools \ Machinist \ 2D \ Face-Mill

Location: Tools>Machinist>2D>Face Mill

This creates a 2 axis tool path of parallel zig-zag passes using the maximum rectangular extents of selected edges. This is often used to face or clean up the top of a flat surface.

Using this Function

Below are general steps to complete a 2D Face Mill. For greater details on any of the steps refer to the KeyMachinistRefManual.pdf .

  1. Insure that you have defined a tool to be used.

  2. Choose Tools>Machinist>2D>Face Mill and in the load tools dialog choose the tool for the Face Mill.

  3. A Face Mill dialog appears. Enter information needed to setup the Face Mill (see below) and choose OK.

  4. A conversation bar prompt appears for selection of the boundary geometry to be Face Milled. Chain or single select the boundary. Note that multiple tool paths with custom boundaries can be created.

  5.  A conversation bar prompts for a point on selected geometry. Choose any point on surface.

  6. The 2D Face Mill tool path will appear in display for review prior to posting.

Face Mill Dialog

Tool Path Description

Enter a descriptive name (optional.) Useful for identifying tool path later in the process. Do not use numeric values in the beginning entry for description name.

X/Y/Z Plunge

Z plunge-  Distance for rapid Z motion.

XY plunge- Distance from initial point for plunge feed rate.

Multiple Steps in Z Option

Option to make additional Z passes using the following values, otherwise a single pass is made at selected location.

Total Material to be Removed - Total Material to be removed value used in number of passes calculation.

Number of Steps in Z - Number of additional passes to be made in the Z direction based on increment or total to be removed.

Z Increment Value - Incremental Z step value ( distance value.)

Cut Direction

Direction of first pass and subsequent steps.

Distance Between Cuts

Step over distance used to calculate passes in step direction (positive value.)

Extend Cuts Beyond Contour

Distance value used to cut beyond in the along pass direction (positive or negative values can be used.)

Current Tool and Machine View

Verify that the machining view, tool diameter, and corner radius are correct.