Automatic Re-Associate Dimension
KeyCreator \ Detail \ Tools \ Automatic-Re-Associate-Dimension

Location : Detail>Auto Re-Associate Dimension

The Auto Re-Associate function allows you to re-associate selected dimensions automatically. When the function is selected, the Reassociate Dimension dialog is displayed, through which you can set a tolerance value and determine whether to set the real value for edited dimensions and/or add points if the re-association point is not found.


Using the Function:

  1. Select Auto Re-Associate Dimension from the Detail Menu. The Re-Associate Dimension dialog appears.

  2. Configure the available dialog settings and click OK when done.

  3. Select the dimension and geometry you wish to re-associate.


Dialog Options:


Specify a tolerance value. This value will be applied to the re-associated dimension.

Set Real Value on Edited Dimensions

When selected, the real dimension value will be used for dimensions that had been edited when they are re-associated.

Add Points if Reassociation Position is not Found

When selected, position points will be added when a re-association position can not be found.