Axial Translation (Move/Copy)
KeyCreator \ Transform \ Mating \ Axial-Translation-(Move-Copy)

Location: Transform>Mating>Axial Translation (or Axial Translation Copy)

Note: The information below applies to the move function. Axial Translation Copy is the same, except it copies the selected geometry, instead of moving it.

This function moves entities by sliding them along an axis, which is determined from the end point of an entity.

Using the Function

See the geometry figure below.

  1. Select entities to be moved.

  2. Specify the starting point on one of the entities. The coordinate axes are calculated from the specified point and displayed. (The coordinate axes will be displayed in red, light blue and yellow.)

  3. When one of the coordinate axes is selected, a virtual axis will be displayed.

  4. Select from the following options, as desired.

  5. Select a position for the Entity Mate, or Skip or Accept to not create an associative Entity Mate

  6. Last the Change Command dialog will appear. Select an option, as desired:

From this point forward the target point and transform origin are mated (associative) while the mating marker exists. For mating basics see the Mating Overview.