KeyCreator \ Tools \ Artisan \ Artisan

Location: Tools>Artisan>Launch Artisan

KeyCreator Artisan is an add on rendering application that provides numerous predefined materials for scene rendering.  


Installing KeyCreator Artisan

  • Download the Artisanx64 or 32 bit executable and double left click to start the install.

  • The default location for the install will be Program Files>KeyCreator Artisan.

  • Place the License.lic file for KeyCreator Artisan in the root of the KeyCreator folder.

  • In KeyCreator choose Tools>Artisan>Launch Artisan.

Using KeyCreator Artisan

Once KeyCreator Artisan is launched for the first time a prompt to create a profile destination will occur. KeyCreator Artisan will then import a 3D faceted version of all non-blanked solids. Faceted grouping will occur by either KeyCreator Material name or Face color (predefine before using KeyCreator Artisan.) Saved snap shot renders of the model will be saved in a folder next to the KeyCreator file. For more detailed information on KeyCreator Artisan reference the KeyCreator Artisan Help Topics within the application.