Using the Calculator
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Location: Tools>Calculator

The Calculator is accessible from the Tools pull-down menu.

Enter the expression or formula you want to evaluate, including variables and operators, and press [Enter]. If the expression is longer than the number of spaces on the Prompt Line, the text scrolls to the left as you type. Use the arrow keys to move through the text. You can also press [Home] to jump to the beginning, and [End] to jump to the the last character in the line. Use [Del] and [Backspace] to delete characters.

The results of the evaluation appear in the prompt line.

To enter degrees, minutes and seconds in the Online Calculator field on, use this format: dms(degrees,minutes,seconds). For example, type dms(45,30,30).

NOTE: To support use of the comma as a decimal separator, all calculator functions that support multiple parameters can use either a semicolon or comma to separate the parameters. For example, dms(10;5;0) or dms(10,5,0).


The examples that follow show typical operations using the Online Calculator:

  • Type 0 * 2 / 5.6 and press ENTER.

    142857 appears on the prompt line.

  • Type x = 4 / 10 * cos(45) and press ENTER.

    0.282843 appears on the prompt line. The program also sets 0.282843 as the value for the variable x.

  • Type x = (y = 23 / 5) + (z = @depth) and press ENTER.

    4.6 appears on the prompt line. The value 4.6 is assigned to the variable x and y. The value of the system variable @ depth is assigned to variable z.