Set Construction Plane
KeyCreator \ View \ Construction-Plane \ Set-Construction-Depth

Location: View>Construction Plane>Set Construction Plane

Use this function to set or change a construction plane (CPlane), and to save a Cplane.


To set a construction plane:

  1. Click View>Construction Plane>Set Construction Plane. The Plane Definition Menu appears in the Conversation Bar, providing different ways to set a CPlane.

  2. Set the CPlane as desired, using the Plane Definition Menu. (Before performing this step, it is best that you become familiar with the buttons on this menu. Click here for explanations.)

Note:  A newly defined CPlane is not saved automatically. To return subsequently to the CPlane, you must save it. See the steps below.

To save construction plane just set:

  1. Click View>Construction Plane>Set Construction Plane again. The Plane Definition Menu that appears this time has a Save button.

  2. Click the Save button. You are prompted to enter a name for the CPlane you set.

  3. Type the desired name and click Accept. The CPlane is assigned the next available number.

Note the uses of the List button on the Plane Definition Menu. You can use this to delete a CPlane.


Plane Association:

You are able to associate planes with geometry, and create CPlanes based upon the associative plane. The plane can be defined by, and maintain associativity to, geometry in the part such that if the geometry is updated, the plane will update accordingly. This is particularly useful when CPlanes and Views are attached to associative planes.


NOTE: Geometry created using such an associated CPlane does not maintain associativity to the CPlane, however. That is, it does not update when the CPlane is changed. If the geometry that a plane is associated to is deleted, the plane itself is deleted. This will similarly cause CPlane and Views to be deleted when their Plane of reference is deleted.