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Location: Edit>Entities>Edit

Note: Scroll down to see description of Attributes pane.

This global edit function can be used to change the attributes of any entity and some specific collections of entities (i.e., layout instances, details, xhatch). Using dynamic selection, left mouse click when the entity you want to modify is highlighted. A dialog box for the entity type selected will appear allowing you to edit that entity type as you would like. Note that this function also allows you to edit layout and instance geometry.

For example, if you choose a circle or arc the Editing Arc dialog box will appear, as shown below. This dialog contains two pages, Geometry and Attributes. The settings contained in the Geometry page allow you to modify the X, Y, Z coordinates, start and end angles or radius of the arc. Through the Attributes page, you can change the line width, color, style or pen number.

The dialog settings will change depending upon what entity type you select for editing.

Above > The Geometry page of the Editing Arc dialog that appears when you select an arc entity to edit

Above > The Attributes page of the Editing Arc dialog


If you perform a generic edit on a solid, a dialog appears that has these tabs as follows:

If you perform a generic edit on a shell, a dialog appears that has two tabs as follows: