KeyCreator \ View \ Render \ Silhouette

Location: View>Render>Silhouette

The Silhouette function displays additional display view dependant outline curves on bodies. These curves are not true edges or flowlines and are not selectable in model mode. Their purpose is simply to show the horizon, or silhouette, of the model. The Silhouette function is not available in non-shaded render modes and the No Edges edge mode.

When using the Silhouette function to display silhouette lines in a model, it will be important to know the following:

  • Silhouettes only appear on facetted bodies (solids, surfaces, and shells).

  • The accuracy of silhouette lines is determined by the faceting tolerances in the File>Properties>Units/Tolerances dialog.

  • In Layout instances, silhouette edges can optionally be selected when dimensioning, and the resulting dimensions will be associative to the silhouette lines.