Set Construction Depth
KeyCreator \ View \ Construction-Plane \ Set-Construction-Depth

Location: View>Construction Plane>Set Construction Depth

Use this function to change the depth at which entities are created. The default depth is 0 (zero). When Construction Depth is selected from the View Menu, two options appear in the Conversation bar; Position and Offset. You can use either option to determine a new construction depth, or simply enter a new depth in the editable field.

Menu Options:



This setting allows you to set the depth using a position in 3D space.

  1. Select Position from the Conversation Bar.

  2. Use the Position Menu to indicate a new position to define the working depth.


This setting allows you to indicate a specified offset value to be added to the current working depth.

  1. Select Offset from the Conversation Bar.

  2. Enter a depth offset value.