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Use the Dynamic function to dynamically rotate or spin a part in the active viewport. Multiple click and drag operations can be performed while rotating the part. Note that only the view of a model is affected when this feature is used. The geometry itself is not moved.

Using the Function:

  1. Select Dynamic from the View>Rotate submenu. The Center and Spin options appear in the Conversation bar.

Center – Use the Center option to select a new center position around which the model will dynamically rotate. Note that the center position will also change when a Pan function is used.

Spin – Select Spin to dynamically spin the model in the direction you specify by dragging the cursor with the mouse. The velocity of the spin is determined by the speed at which you drag the mouse cursor.

  1. Click the part and drag it to dynamically rotate or spin the part. The rotation is always about the center of the viewport.

  2. To stop rotating the part, hit ACCEPT, BACKUP, or ESCAPE, or click the left mouse button in the viewport.

  3. Select SAVE to save the new view.