KeyCreator \ View \ Zoom \ Scale


The Scale feature is used to set the displayed scale of a part and the new center position. Note that you cannot set the scale for all displayed viewports at one time.

Using the Function:

  1. Select Scale from the View>Zoom submenu. If multiple viewports are in use, you must select the viewport to scale.

  2. Enter the new scale factor for the displayed part.

  3. The program gets the information about your monitor size from Windows. If the information is correct, a 1 inch square should measure 1 inch on each side on your monitor at a scale of 1.0. Due to variations in monitor size and settings, this information may not be accurate. If the scale does not match up with your monitor settings, select the Size button to enter the width and height of your monitor in centimeters.


  1. Indicate a new center position for the part, or click on ACCEPT to accept the current center position. The new display scale and the new center position are set.