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Play Macro/KXL

Location: Add-Ins>KXL Execute

The KXL Execute function is used to read KXL files, store data primitives as entities, and execute KXL commands. For more information on KXL files, see the KXL documentation in the root directory.

  • ASCII KXL files are not compiled, and have a *.KXL extension.

Using the Function:

  1. Select KXL Execute from the Add-Ins Menu. The Select a KXL to Execute dialog box appears.


  1. From this dialog, select a KXL file to load.

Using KXL:

You can generate a KXL program with a text editor or word processing program following the rules in this chapter. Names for these files follow the same specifications as the system's naming conventions, along with the addition of a .cdl extension. A typical KXL file consists of variable length records delimited by new lines. Each of these statements directs the flow of the program. A typical statement represents a primitive, a command, or an expression, along with any required parameters.