CDE Open
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Location: Add-Ins>CDE Open

The CDE Open function is used to load a CDE module. This function will not start any CDE functions; it will merely load them. To start a CDE function, you must use the CDE Execute function, or use the CDE’s icon interface.

CDE stands for Dynamic Extension. CDE’s are applications that run within the program to increase functionality or give you special features, such as special drafting functions or a set of templates for creating flowcharts. A CDE can contain many different functions that you can execute individually. CDE Open allows you to load and use CDEs, from you or your company, or from third-party developers.

When you choose CDE Open, a dialog box is displayed from which you can select a CDE to load. The displayed list of CDEs is built from the default CDE directory in the default KeyCreator directory.


Using the Function:

  1. Select the CDE Open option from the Add-Ins pull-down Menu. A dialog box then appears.


  1. From the CDE Open dialog box, choose the CDE name and path of the CDE you want to load.