Copy Raster
KeyCreator \ Edit \ Copy-to-Clipboard \ Copy-Raster


Location: Edit>Copy to Clipboard>Raster

Use this function to select an area with a rectangular window and copy the contents of the rectangular window to the Windows Clipboard as a bitmap file. You can then paste the file into a raster-based paint program (e.g. Windows Paint, Word for Windows) to save and edit the file.

HINT: This method is best for Solids. If you are capturing wireframe or hidden-line views, the Copy Vector function is recommended.


Using the Function:

  1. Select Raster from the Edit>Copy to Clipboard submenu.

  2. Select the first corner of a window to surround the area you want to save to the Clipboard.

  3. Select the second corner of a window to surround the area you want to save to the Clipboard.

  4. In any Windows program that supports .BMP, select Paste from the Edit Menu. The images are then copied to the clipboard as .BMP (bitmap) files. Once the image is pasted from the clipboard into a Windows application, you can save the file in any format that is supported by that application. For example, once pasted into Windows Paint, a file can only be saved as a .BMP file. The same file, pasted into Hijaak Pro or Photoshop, can be saved as a .GIF, .TIF, .PCX and any number of other formats. The better the application, the more file options are generally available.



NOTE: The images will be saved at the color depth (or bit-depth) that your system is currently set up for. If you are in 16 bit (65,536 color) mode, the image will be saved in the same format. Once copied into another application (e.g. Paint), you can choose to save the file with fewer colors.