Activate OLE
KeyCreator \ Edit \ OLE-Functions \ Activate-OLE

Location: Edit>Activate OLE

KeyCreator is a comprehensive container application that is able to share data with different applications and store an OLE object inside the design file. The Activate OLE function starts editing an existing OLE entity. If the object is embedded, Activation occurs inside the window. If it is a linked object, Activation occurs in a separate window opened up by the server.

When you invoke this function, you are prompted in the Conversation Bar to select the OLE entity you want to activate. It then acts as if you double-clicked it. OLE entities lend themselves to all operations performed upon single entities, such as XForm. That is, the XForm and Cut-Copy-Paste commands affect them. OLE objects can also be selected and masked on like other entity types.

Drag and Drop functionality allows you to drag an OLE object from the Desktop or Windows Explorer and into a part window. When you drag and then drop the OLE object, it is embedded in the part (if it supports embedding) or embedded as a link.