Save Preview
KeyCreator \ File \ Save-Preview

Location: File>Save Preview

Save Preview allows you to save a bitmap graphic of your file to be displayed in the preview section of the Open dialog box. This is saved with the part.

It will be important to know the following about preview images:

  • Note that the preview is not automatically updated if you modify an aspect of the part that is in the preview. You will need to resave the preview it to be updated in the dialog.

  • You can use rendered, HLR, or wireframe displays as previews.

  • You must have started this product on the machine viewing the files to have this association set up properly.

  • When saving a part with multiple viewports, you are able to select which viewport to save in the preview.

  • When the Enable Automatic Save of Preview setting is enabled (checked) under File>Save, a preview will be saved automatically. When this occurs, the Save Preview option will be overwritten.


Previewing Thumbnails in Windows™ Explorer

Thumbnail images can be viewed outside of this product, through Windows Explorer, using the following options:



  1. Select View from the Windows Explorer toolbar.

  2. Select Thumbnails from the pull-down list. Once Thumbnails is enabled, you will be able to preview thumbnail images by simply selecting the image file to view. A window will appear, in which the thumbnail will be displayed.