Classic Menu
KeyCreator \ View \ Control-Bars \ Classic-Menu \ Classic-Menu

Location: View>Control Bars>Classic Menu

For users more familiar with the DOS interface, you are able to customize the workspace through the Classic Menu setting to emulate the DOS look. The Classic Menu option will display the Classic Function window. This configures the workspace to appear and function similar to the old DOS workspace. Note that the Classic Menu option in the View pull-down will be grayed out if you have not enabled the "Use Classic Mode Menus" setting under Tools>Options>Misc.

The combination of the Classic Function window and the CKDOS.KBD accelerator map allows you to quickly maneuver through the menus and facilitates "keyboard-only" menu operation, similar to how one would navigate through a DOS version. All default accelerators have the same assignments related to this.

The "Use Classic Mode Menus" setting under Tools>Options must be enabled before the Classic Menu can be displayed. If it is not enabled, the menu item will be grayed out.

When you toggle the Classic Menu on, the following changes will be made to your workspace:

  • The Classic Menu function window is enabled. The Classic Function window closely matches the original DOS Function Menu.

  • The Conversation bar buttons are removed and the bar is reduced to half its normal height.

NOTE: Go here for an example of how to use the Classic interface.