KeyCreator Files Import
KeyCreator \ File \ Import \ KeyCreator-Files-Import \ KeyCreator-Files-Import

Location: File>Import>KeyCreator Files

This function is used to import model geometry from Part File Formats (PRT) and Design Files (CKD), as well as custom Template files (CKT) and previously saved Pattern Files (PTN) into the currently active part.


Dialog Options:

When importing PRT, CKD, CKT or PTN files, you are required to select the file to import from the Select File to Import dialog box (shown below).

When the OPTIONS button is selected from this dialog, the Importing KeyCreator Filedialog appears.  Several import and placement options are available through this dialog, by which you can determine how, where, and to what level the part will be imported. 


Notes on Importing HLR/HLD Instances from CADKEY 19

When converting HLR/HLD Layout Mode instances from CADKEY Rel. 19, the last set of HLR/HLD attributes is used, not the ones that were specified in CK19.  This is because the HLR/HLD attributes in CK19 were session specific, not stored in the .PRT file. 

The default setting is for the hidden line and hidden tangent line attributes to have a dashed line style.  The other attributes come from the solid. 

You can override any of these setting by creating a new instance and setting the HLR/HLD attributes in the property pages of the instance creation dialog.  All successive instances created after that will use those attributes whether they are created through the user interface or converted from CK19.