HOOPS Stream File Export
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HOOPS Stream File Export

Use the Export>HOOPS Stream File function to export elements to a compressed file format designed for transmission of graphical data across the Internet.  Like the HMF format, it described the graphical components of a three dimensional scene.  The HOOPS Stream File (HSF) can be viewed by a lightweight viewer provided free for download on the Tech Soft America website.

Exporting to HOOPS Stream File (HSF):

In the steps below, you can use the Conversation Bar to export one or more entities of the geometry. If you do not select one or more entities and click Accept, all of the geometry is exported.


1. Select HOOPS Stream File form the File>Export submenu. The Save As dialog appears, from which you are able to specify a name and directory location for the (*.HSF) file being created.

2. Once you have specified a file name and directory for the export file, click on SAVE.  The geometry will then be saved to a (*.HSF) file to the location you specified.