HOOPS Web Page Export
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HOOPS Web Page Export

Use the Export>HOOPS Web Page function to export elements in an HTML file with an HSF of the current part, as well as a copy of the ActiveX control that can view the HSF. This will allow you to easily post an image of your part on your website, or collaborate with others.  For a complete description of the HSF format, see HOOPS Stream File. 

Exporting to HOOPS Web Page:

In the steps below, you can use the Conversation Bar to export one or more entities of the geometry. If you do not select one or more entities and click Accept, all of the geometry is exported.

1.Select HOOPS Web Page from the File>Export submenu. The Save As dialog box appears, through which you are able to specify a file name and directory location for the new (*.HTML) file.

2.Once you have specified a file name and directory, click on SAVE.  The geometry will then be exported to the new file name, and at the directory location you have specified.  The new file will be appended with an (*.HTML) extension.