VRML Export
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VRML Export

Use the Export VRML function to export a body (*.WRL file) for use with VRML capable web browsers, such as Netscape Navigator with the Live 3D plug-in.  These 3D polygon files make for useful visuals of custom parts.

Once a .WRL format file has been loaded into a VRML capable browser, it can then be rotated, translated, and scaled quickly, using simple mouse movements.  If a part has colored-out sections and internal features, its internal surface features can be easily viewed.

Exporting to VRML (WRL):

  1. Select VRML from the File>Export options. You are prompted to select a body for translation.

  2. Using the Universal Selection Menu, select a body, then select ACCEPT. The Save As dialog box then appears.

  3. Select a filename or create a new filename by which the .WRL file will be saved.

  4. Once you have selected or created a filename, select SAVE. A VRML file of the selected body will be created, and saved with the .WRL extension.