KeyCreator \ View \ Level \ Display \ Displayed

Location: View>Level>Display>Select

Use this function to display one or more levels in a tree.

Displaying a Level:

Select Displayed from the View>Level>Display>Select submenu. 

Turning on the Display of a Level:

  1. There are two methods to choose levels to display, either by entering level numbers or by selecting entities in display area to turn on display for that level.Click any of the highlighted entities to turn the level(s) containing those entities on.

  2. To use the first method enter the level to add to the display. If entering a level number to display, you can display multiple levels. Use a comma (,) or a semicolon (;) to separate level numbers and a hyphen (-) to specify ranges. An example is 1, 3, 5-8 or 1; 3; 5-8. If you choose to select an entity, the level that entity resides on will now be shown. You can enter ranges of sublevels as well. For example, you can select 1.2.4-1.2.10. All but the last part of the level numbers must be the same. You cannot enter a range such as 1.2.4-1.3.9.

  3. To use the second select from display area method, click on the Display tab in conversation bar which temporarily displays all entities in the level list. Click any of the highlighted entities to turn the level(s) containing those entities on. If the hilghlight of enties causes confusion when trying to select which entities to use to turn on the level display, choose the No Hilite tab in conversation bar, (temporarily unhilites entities that are not currently checked for level display on).

NOTE: Displaying a range of levels will create new levels within that range if they do not already exist. For example, if you have two levels (such as 200 and 400) in your part, and you enter the range (200-400) to display, 198 levels will be created.