Thread Rendering for Features and Fasteners
KeyCreator \ View \ Render \ Thread-Rendering-for-Features-and-Fasteners

Location: View>Render

The available thread rendering options allow you to display or hide solid feature and fastener thread detail. Using these options, you can change thread representation on-the-fly, without having to edit the actual feature or fastener object. The available thread rendering methods are available from the View>Render submenu (see below).

NOTE: The options available for display will depend on which rendering mode you are in. For example, the Schematic Threads option is grayed-out unless you are in either Hidden Lines Removed or Hidden Lines Dashed Modes. Schematic threads cannot be displayed when in Smooth rendering mode. The available rendering methods can only be applied to features and fasteners created in KeyCreator.

Available Methods:

Once you have created a feature or fastener with solid representation, select one of the available rendering methods from the View>Render submenu to display or un-display the thread detail.